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NEXT 6280 Mobile Shredder

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The 3TEK NEXT™ 6280 mobile shredder incorporates a CAT® 1,125 hp state-of-the-art mobile “on track” diesel-power module design, with unique power pack options and other modular downstream equipment specifically designed to facilitate ferrous and non-ferrous scrap processing close to the source. The NEXT 6280 mobile shredder is unique in providing a powerful design on a mobile platform. This brings the characteristics of much larger shredders to a compact package that can be fully installed, functional and shredding in three days.

NEXT 6280 Mobile Shredder


  • Disk Rotor design: 4 Pin with 9 Disks
  • Width side wall to side wall: 80” (2,032 mm)
  • Shredder Wall thickness: 1.5” (38.1 mm)
  • Wear Liner thickness: 3” (76.2 mm)
  • Feed Chute: 16 ft. (4.9 m) long
  • Single Feed Roll: 42” (1,067 mm) diameter tip to tip with variable speed 6-10 RPM
  • CAT C32 Tier 4 Certified by Factory providing 1125 hp


  • Manufacturer: Caterpillar Tier 4 Certified by Factory
  • Model: C32, 32.1 Liter displacement
  • Engine HP: 1125 HP @1750 RPM
  • Engine Configuration: V-12 Cylinder, Four Stroke, Twin Turbocharged and Aftercooled
  • Intake: Two (2) Donaldson dry type air filters with safety elements and pre-cleaners
  • Cooling: HD folded core radiator
  • Fuel Storage: 150 gallon (568 L) Day Tank complete with float switch and motorized pump to connect to remote storage tank
  • Fuel Consumption at Rated Production: 30 gallons/hour (114 liters/hour)


    • Industry Standard Allen Bradley Mobile Control platform for Shredder performance and diagnostic information
    • Control system with remote master display has multicolored graphical module with easy to read display
    • Fully functional automatic feed control system designed to maximize production by analyzing machine performance inputs from multiple sources

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Below are processing guidelines for the NEXT 6280. While this list is not complete, it is intended to show examples of the size and type of materials that can be processed and those that need to be avoided.


  • WHITE GOODS — washers, dryers, refrigerators, hot water heaters, lawn mowers, bicycles, etc.
  • MISCELLANEOUS STRUCTURAL SHAPES — angle iron, channel, I-beams, and pipe with maximum material thickness not exceeding 1/4".
  • AUTO AND TRUCK PARTS – Including engines, axles, transmissions, wheels, leaf springs, fenders, hoods, etc.
  • PLATE — Sheet Metal up to 7 gauge that has lots of holes cut in can also be shredded. It is important that they are not “laminated” (multiple layers), and enter only one at a time with other loose scrap.
  • REBAR — smaller than 1/2" in diameter, put into the shredder with other loose scrap.


  • PLATE — of any size thicker than 1/2".
  • SOLID STEEL SHAFTING — larger than 2” in diameter and longer than 24".
  • FABRICATED ITEMS —built like a box, may need to be crushed or collapsed so they can be fed under the feed rolls and fit through the shredder opening.
  • STRINGY MATERIAL — wire rope or cables longer than 10 feet should absolutely not be fed into the shredder. There is significant risk of long material entering the shredder, wrapping around the rotor and being pulled in at a very high speed, possibly causing death or injury to anyone near the shredder.

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